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Pricing Plans

Our flexible pricing and payment plans – with no enrollment or sign-up fees – can help you save and include:

The Petro Ceiling Plan

Protect your heating oil price and hopefully take advantage of lower oil prices in future.

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Divide your annual energy costs into easy monthly payments, so there are no more large, unexpected payments during the winter months.

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Combine Petro Ceiling & SmartPay Plans & Save

It pays to be smart. You can combine both plans noted above to help you manage your energy costs. That's why it's better to sign up for our flexible pricing and payment plans.

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Find out more about our other pricing and payment plans here

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You can count on us to provide you with the most helpful resources:

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"I'll never go with anyone else. They came right out. My husband wanted to tip them but they wouldn't take anything. Not one dime. I'll never go with anyone else but them. These were the nicest guys in the world!"

Carla Ullman