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Propane Equipment


Propane is one of the world’s most efficient sources of energy and millions of Americans use about 18 billion gallons of propane to heat homes, heat water, cook food, dry clothes and run vehicles economically and efficiently every year.

That's why, as one of the country's leading home services providers, we can take care of all of your propane needs, too.

Special Offers

Want to pay less for propane? And get the services you want with no tank rental fees?

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Propane Equipment

Whether you use propane for your furnace, water heater, generator, cooktop, clothes dryer or to heat your swimming pool, we're fully equipped to help you.

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Propane Equipment Service Plans

You can rely on Petro for all your propane needs, and our propane protection plan will provide you with the peace of mind that you need, all year round.

Why choose propane?

The facts speak for themselves. Check out some of the many great reasons why propane is the first choice as a fuel source for so many Americans.

Learn about all of the propane equipment we can service for you ›

Propane vs. Electric

Did you know that propane is more economical and more energy-efficient than using electric in your home?

Find out many more great reasons why propane is smart compared to electric ›

Get the Facts

It pays to get the facts about your home or business fuel source. Learn all you need and get answers to some of the more important questions about propane.

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Propane Safety & Handling

When handled properly, propane is a very versatile and safe fuel. You can make sure that you're always safe in your home by reading our important safety tips.

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