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Call Petro today for your home generator.

Call Petro today for your home generator.

Having a backup generator in your home, isn't a luxury, it's a necessity.

Count on Petro for all of the generator options and services you need.***

From heating and cooling your home to cooking, lighting and more you depend on power to make sure life goes on as normal -- even when power goes off. Whether it's caused by a freak storm, hurricane or downed wire, power outages can last from a few hours to days – or even weeks! That's just one great reason why having a generator in your home is so important and there are many others.

  Count on Petro to help you stay up and running even during a power outage, with our range of GE whole house standby generators and services.
  • Expert guidance and advice to ensure that you make the right decision in choosing the best generator options that are right for you, your budget and your home
  • Propane and gas powered generators —portable and whole house options with automatic transfer switches
  • Attractive financing options for qualified customers*
  • Professional installation and service of your backup generators
  • Reliable, 24/7 customer service and support in any weather



Portable and Standby Generators - What's the Difference?

Carissa Gingras, Marketing Manager at Briggs & Stratton, talks about the difference between portable and standby generators on FOX Boston. She discusses safety and differences in price and usage between the two types of generators.

Learn how a Standby Generator Works

Learn how home backup power works, and how a General Electric generator can protect your home and family from a power outage!

Key Features for GE Home Standby Generators

Weather is unpredictable. You want your house and family to be protected in the event of a power outage. GE home generator systems can meet all of your power needs, while saving you money.

Contact us today to learn more about our generator options at 1.800.645.4328!